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The Cold, Hard Facts about Winter Storms

TitleThe Cold, Hard Facts about Winter Storms
Publication TypeManual Entry
Year of Publicationdate not provided
AuthorsHilberg, Steven
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Describes winter storms in IL

heavy wet snow information: "The amount of water in a snowflake is determined largely by the temperature of the air it forms in. If snow is falling with the air temperature at 32 °F, 1 inch of that snow, if melted down, would yield on the average 0.10 inches of water. However, if the snow was falling at, say, 10 °F, that 1 inch of snow would yield an average of only 0.05 inches of water if melted. In other words, at lower temperatures a given amount of snow contains less water, making it lighter and fluffier, than the same amount of snow at higher temperatures."