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Sustainability Strategy

TitleSustainability Strategy
Publication TypeManual Entry
AuthorsThe Regional Municipality of York

York Region’s Sustainability Strategy is our commitment to creating a sustainable future for the current and future residents of York Region. Our goal is to balance a sustainable natural environment and a healthy community with economic vitality.

Sustainability means:

  • Leaving our communities, our Region and our world in a healthy state for our children and grandchildren
  • Evaluating the community, environmental and economic effects of our actions
  • Thinking differently, being more innovative and collaborative
  • Making smarter decisions about our lifestyle, community design, infrastructure and financial decisions
  • Practising prevention and adaption so that our communities become more resilient to long term social, economic and climate change

The Sustainability Strategy was released in 2007 and written with input from our stakeholders. It will inform the decision making process for York Region, ensuring that environmental, economic and community considerations are better integrated into this process.

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This document highlights York Region Council's commitment to preparing a Climate Change Adaptation Plan