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Climate Change Problem Solving Templates

About Resources

Project resources consist of any published materials the project used to inform its work. Draft documents or other materials that should be shared privately with the project team can be added in the Workspace.

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  1. AGU Presentation on Describing Uncertainty in Climate Projections
  2. Knowledge systems for sustainable development | Cash, DW, Clark, WC, Alcock, F, Dickson, NM, Eckley, N, Guston, DH, Jager, J, Mitchell, RB
    Journal Article (refereed)
  3. Bias correction and post-processing under climate change | Vannitsem, S.
    Journal Article (refereed)
  4. Guidelines for use of climate scenarios developed from statistical downscaling methods | R.L. Wilby, S.P. Charles, E. Zorita, B. Timbal, P. Whetton, L.O. Mearns
  5. The co-production of science and policy in integrated climate assessments | Lemos, MC, Morehouse, BJ
  6. Issues in the interpretation of climate model ensembles to inform decisions | Stainforth, David A., Downing, Thomas E., Washington, Richard, Lopez, Ana, New, Mark
    Journal Article (refereed)
  7. Creating usable science: Opportunities and constraints for climate knowledge use and their implications for science policy | Dilling, Lisa, Lemos, Maria Carmen
    Journal Article (refereed)
  8. Climate projections and their impact on policy and practice | Lemos, Maria Carmen, Rood, Richard B.
    Journal Article (refereed)
  9. Guidelines for constructing climate scenarios | Mote, Philip, Brekke, Levi, Duffy, Philip B., Maurer, Ed
    Journal Article (refereed)
  10. A Weather and Climate Enterprise Strategic Implementation Plan for Generating and Communicating Forecast Uncertainty Information | Hirschberg, Paul A., Abrams, Elliot, Bleistein, Andrea, Bua, William, Monache, Luca Delle, Dulong, Thomas W., Gaynor, John E., Glahn, Bob, Hamill, Thomas M., Hansen, James A., Hilderbrand, Douglas C., Hoffman, Ross N., Morrow, Betty Hearn, Philips, Brenda, Sokich, John, Stuart, Neil
    Journal Article (refereed)
  11. Certainty, uncertainty, and climate change | Morgan, M. Granger, Mellon, Carnegie
    Journal Article (refereed)
  12. Local Interpretation of Precipitation Projections: Great Lakes | Richard Rood
    GLISA Analysis