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Knowledge Systems and Problem Solving Environments

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Project resources consist of any published materials the project used to inform its work. Draft documents or other materials that should be shared privately with the project team can be added in the Workspace.

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  1. California Climate Commons
  2. Making short-term climate forecasts useful: Linking science and action
  3. Knowledge systems for sustainable development | Cash, DW, Clark, WC, Alcock, F, Dickson, NM, Eckley, N, Guston, DH, Jager, J, Mitchell, RB
    Journal Article (refereed)
  4. Presentation: GLISAclimate Description and Design AGU 2012 | Rood, Richard B., Laura J. Briley, Daniel A. Brown
  5. Image: Heuristic Knowledge Model
  6. Climate change vulnerability assessments: An evolution of conceptual thinking | Fussel, HM, Klein, RJT
    Journal Article (refereed)
  7. Robust decision-making under severe uncertainty for conservation management | Regan, HM, Ben-Haim, Y, Langford, B, Wilson, WG, Lundberg, P, Andelman, SJ, Burgman, MA
  9. Barriers to virtual collaboration | Tan, Amy, Kondoz, Ahmet M.
    Journal Article (refereed)
  10. Scientific End-User Developers and Barriers to User/Customer Engagement | Segal, Judith, Morris, Chris
    Journal Article (refereed)
  11. Implementing Ecosystem Management in Public Agencies: Lessons from the U.S. Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service | KOONTZ, TOMAS M., BODINE, JENNIFER
    Journal Article (refereed)
  12. Identifying conflicts and opportunities for collaboration in the management of a wildlife resource: a mixed-methods approach | Austin, Zoë, Smart, James C. R., Yearley, Steven, Irvine, R. Justin, White, Piran C. L.
    Journal Article (refereed)
  13. Learning to collaborate: a study of business networks | Veal, Gareth, Mouzas, Stefanos
  14. Local Wisdom and Health Promotion: Barrier or Catalyst? | Demaio, Alessandro
    Journal Article (refereed)
  15. A data-centered collaboration portal to support global carbon-flux analysis | Agarwal, Deborah A., Humphrey, Marty, Beekwilder, Norm F., Jackson, Keith R., Goode, Monte M., van Ingen, Catharine
    Journal Article (refereed)
  16. Building Co-Management as a Process: Problem Solving Through Partnerships in Aboriginal Country, Australia | Zurba, Melanie, Ross, Helen, Izurieta, Arturo, Rist, Philip, Bock, Ellie, Berkes, Fikret
    Journal Article (refereed)
  17. The co-production of science and policy in integrated climate assessments | Lemos, MC, Morehouse, BJ
  18. Bloom's Taxonomy
  19. Creating A Collaborative Environment: The Human Element | Cheryl M. Lamb
    Journal Article (refereed)
  20. Local initiatives and adaptation to climate change | Rojas Blanco, Ana V.
    Journal Article (refereed)
  21. Working at the Boundary: Facilitating Interdisciplinarity in Climate Change Adaptation Research | Lynch, Amanda H., Tryhorn, Lee, Abramson, Rebecca
    Journal Article (refereed)
  22. NCAR Climate Data Guide
    Data Portal
  23. Science Collaboration Framework
  24. Adapt
  25. Guidelines for constructing climate scenarios | Mote, Philip, Brekke, Levi, Duffy, Philip B., Maurer, Ed
    Journal Article (refereed)
  26. Don't know, can't know: embracing deeper uncertainties when analysing risks | Spiegelhalter, David J., Riesch, Hauke
    Journal Article (refereed)
  27. A Weather and Climate Enterprise Strategic Implementation Plan for Generating and Communicating Forecast Uncertainty Information | Hirschberg, Paul A., Abrams, Elliot, Bleistein, Andrea, Bua, William, Monache, Luca Delle, Dulong, Thomas W., Gaynor, John E., Glahn, Bob, Hamill, Thomas M., Hansen, James A., Hilderbrand, Douglas C., Hoffman, Ross N., Morrow, Betty Hearn, Philips, Brenda, Sokich, John, Stuart, Neil
    Journal Article (refereed)
  28. "2100? IT DOESN't KEEP ME UP AT NIGHT!'' Lessons for the Next Generation of Climate Assessments | Tryhorn, Lee, DeGaetano, Art
    Journal Article (refereed)
  29. The role of social and decision sciences in communicating uncertain climate risks | Pidgeon, N., Fischhoff, B.
    Journal Article (refereed)
  30. Who Is This Site Built For?
    Website Information
  31. Image: Common Structure of Problem Solving
  32. The GLISA Problem Solving Environment