The Climate Workspace is a web-based tool to support climate change problem solving among communities of scientists and users of climate information (i.e., decision-makers, stakeholders, etc).  This tool is not intended to serve everyone everywhere working on climate problems, rather, it is best suited for existing networks of people that have a common denominator, such as a shared regional geography.  

Teams of people working on climate-related problems can create project spaces to collect important resources for problem-solving.  A member's projects can be accessed or created via My Workspace.  Resources used by previous and current projects are available in the Resource Library for other projects to leverage.  Community members are encouraged to help increase the usability of resources by tagging them and providing narratives including notes, experiences, guidance, and expert opinion in the "narratives" section on the resource's edit page.  

Project spaces also offer a wiki-style environment for new document/material creation as part of the problem solving process.  The development of new information/resources for problem solving is ultimately a project outcome or product that can be shared with the community.

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